New Exterior Views

New Exterior Views

FUMC Allen Aerial View After Site Updates

Achieving our 3 primary goals for  hospitality, children and youth in the most cost effective manner required months of strategic conversations between our Building Committee and architectural and construction partners.  The key changes to the exterior that will occur can be seen above and below:

    • Our current youth wing is the oldest part of our facility with the highest maintenance costs.  The youth wing and including several of our administrative offices will be demolished.  That area will be regraded to accommodate the addition of our new Hospitality Spaces.  These include the Hospitality Atrium, the Hospitality Courtyard and the new Covered Walkway from our east parking lot.
    • To create a Unified Children’s Space, a new single story addition will be constructed on the northeast side of our current Children’s Center.  Our current nursery and toddler space will be moved into the first floor of our current Children’s Space.   The new Children’s Addition will contain a large Children’s Gathering Space as well as new classrooms for our elementary age groups.
    • As our children move to our new unified first floor Children’s Center, our Youth will move into the 2nd floor of our current Children’s Space which will be renovated into our new Youth Center.  That space will include hospitality and recreation space as well as a large youth worship and entertainment space.
    • The relocation of the nursery to the Unified Children’s Center provides the opportunity for us to relocate our pastoral and administrative offices to the first floor of the Christian Life Center on the south side of the facility.
    • The relocation of the offices to the Christian Life Center allows us to convert those spaces to Adult Ministries classrooms adjacent to Fellowship Hall.
Aerial View from Greenville Looking Towards New Children’s Center
New Hospitality Courtyard Looking Toward Hospitality Atrium


Aerial View from East Toward New Hospitality Courtyard

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