New Interior Floor Plans

New Interior Floor Plans

Children:  One of the primary goals of our updated facility is to simplify our Children’s Ministry Space.  As you can see in the new first floor plan, our new facility provides a unified space for our children.  Computerized check-in will be provided for all kids at secure entry locations.  The nursery and toddler space will now be in the same area as our other children’s space.  

Hospitality:  In our updated facility, our primary exterior entrances now lead directly into our expanded and updated hospitality space.  Our Hospitality Atrium becomes the centralized space for our first floor and connections to many of our key ministry areas.  The demolition of our oldest building, which currently houses our youth will allow us to have a large Hospitality Courtyard adjacent to our Hospitality Atrium.

Offices and Adult Ministry:  With the demolition of our current youth wing, we will also lose a number of offices.  The relocation of the nursery to the new Children’s Center creates the opportunity to renovate our nursery wing and modernize and consolidate our staff offices.  This relocation will allow us to convert current staff office space to additional adult ministry and multi-purpose rooms adjacent to fellowship hall.  

Youth:  The primary change to our second floor will be the conversion of our current children’s space into our new Youth Center.  Just inside the Youth Center entry will be a hospitality and recreation space.  Our current Children’s Basecamp will be expanded and converted to a new Youth Worship space.  The space will also contain 4 youth classrooms.

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