Faith Academy

Faith Academy

Feb 20, 2019

Wednesday Night Life

Wednesday Night Life (WNL) is our mid-week boost where we reconnect with our church family, study the Word, and just have fun.
Feb 20, 2019

Adam Hamilton’s Christianity’s Family Tree

Wednesdays, January 9-March 6, 2019 Materials fee: $11 Jackie Payne, facilitator Adam Hamilton presents a welcoming, inspiring vision of eight Christian denominations and faith traditions. Comparing the Christian family to our own extended families, he contends that each denomination has a unique, valuable perspective to offer on the Christian faith. The traditions he examines are Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Lutheranism, Presbyterianism, Anglicanism, Baptists, Pentecostalism, and Methodism. For each group, Hamilton gives a brief history, outlines major beliefs, and describes some things we…
Feb 20, 2019

Heaven: Finding Our True Home

Wednesdays, January 9-February 27, 2019 Richard Prince, Facilitator Materials fee: $9 Heaven is hard for us to picture.  We think of floating clouds, singing praises and playing harps or walking on streets of gold.  While we know we want to go to heaven, we are a little nervous about what it will be like.  This Bible study provides a biblical perspective on heaven-something richer and more exciting than we can imagine.
Feb 20, 2019

Making the Bible Understandable, Interesting, and Useful (Part 2)

Wednesdays, January 9-May 8, 2019 Johnny Walker, facilitator Watch the New Testament come alive and finally make sense.  At the end of class, participants will: Know how to explain simply the Bible story, and why it was written. Recognize the amazingly divine design, order, structure and pattern of the New Testament Scriptures. Have insight into the purpose and meaning of each book from Matthew to Revelation. Vastly increase their ability to read and understand the Scriptures. The best reference is…
Feb 20, 2019

Methodism: The Basics

Join your pastors to learn more about Methodism.  This three-week class will explore basic questions about how the United Methodist Church is organized to deeper questions about our social principles and theological task and other topics. If you have ever wanted to know more, register now and plan to attend!  
Feb 24, 2019


Sundays, January 6-April 14, 2019 Kim Stepniak, facilitator This study of Psalms begins with a look at the hymns of praise and ends with the Psalms of confidence.  Some of the major ideas explored are: God is the Creator of all, what does the Lord require of me, the diversity of the Psalms, responses to crisis, and the use of Psalms in worship.  The meaning of the selected passages is made clear by considering such aspects as ancient customs, locations…
Feb 25, 2019

Joshua: Winning the Worry Battle

Mondays, January 14-March 18, 2019 Susan Hale, facilitator “Just pray about it.” “God’s got this.” Although these phrases are heartfelt words of encouragement, sometimes when you’re really worried and stressed, they just sound like clichés.  We long for something more.  We want to know how to have a bold and courageous faith.  In Joshua, you’ll join God’s people as they arrive on the edge of the Promised Land only to find themselves in hostile territory.  You’ll learn how to fight…
Feb 26, 2019

The Gospel of Mark

Women’s Bible StudyTuesdays, February 12 to Tuesday, May 7, 20199:30am-11:30am $15 Supply Fee Throughout his account, Mark unveils a Jesus of unparalleled power and authority but also a Jesus of humility and love. And while this Jesus invites each of us into a greater story through His teachings, He demands we come as active participants. We must acknowledge Him, seek salvation in Him, and follow Him wherever He leads. In The Gospel of Mark, you’ll follow Jesus through His days…