Special Needs Ministry

Special Needs Ministry

Feb 2, 2020

Special Kids Sunday School

a great place for children who need a little extra care. The Treehouse Room is a safe, friendly, understanding, flexible alternative to the Sunday school classroom for elementary age children with special needs. Our Special Kids Ministry focuses on creating a space for each child to learn that God loves them. Families can attend church or Sunday school while caring adults and youth spend quality time with their child who needs an accommodating environment or one-to-one assistance in attending an age-appropriate…
Feb 15, 2020

APT G: A Place To Go

Does your teenager or young adult need A Place To Go to hang out with friends? Then APT G is the place for you! This fun evening for our special needs youth (and a night out for their caretakers) is a free program for youth and young adults, grades 6 and older. We offer snacks, games, crafts, and lots of friends in a parent’s night out environment. We meet on the third Saturday of each month from 7:00pm-9:30pm with a unique…