Here for Good Capital Campaign

Here for Good Capital Campaign


Here for Generations to Come

For 139 years, the congregation of First United Methodist Church of Allen has endured the uncertainties of the ever-changing social, economic, ecclesiastical, and political landscape to bring the never-ending, never-changing love of God to the city of Allen, to Collin County, and to the world. Even in turbulent times, FUMC Allen has not wavered from its primary vision of the early ministry pioneers. Today this same spirit and love of God and neighbor drives this congregation to continue the legacy of those who dreamed great dreams.

In 2017, the FUMC congregation had the vision to build and renovate its campus into a place of hospitality, connection, and ministry to the glory of God. The construction project completed in 2019 created 11,000 square feet of new and updated areas for many different ministries. These changes resulted in a new level of energy and excitement among our church members.

Over a three-year period, 240 households joined together to contribute $2,167,222, or 91.5 percent of the pledged amount, toward very successful Embrace & Transform campaign. And people continue to give! The success of this campaign has positioned us well as a church.

Campaign Calendar

Oct 18 2020 Gratitude Sunday
Oct 25 2020 Ministry Sunday
Nov 1 2020 Celebration Sunday
Nov 15 2020 Commitment Sunday
Dec 6 2020 Announcement Sunday

First Fruits Sundays

Dec 6 2020
Dec 13 2020
Dec 20 2020
Jan 10 2021

2020 brought us a new time of uncertainty when the coronavirus came into our world. We, in our lifetime, have never experienced a time such as this. The church, of course, has not been immune to the effects of a COVID-19 world. When our doors closed in March 2020, we quickly adapted by expanding our online ministries, live streaming capabilities, and social media networks. As a result, our neighbors now extend well beyond our immediate community.

We continue to hold on to God’s steadfast promise: the promise that God will bring good from the bad. We can see God is already doing
good works during troubling times through the people of First United Methodist Church of Allen.

Here for Good Commitment Card




So why did we choose this fall to conduct a capital campaign such as this? We could find many reasons to say “not now,” but the reasons
for moving forward are compelling:

  • We should build on current momentum. Yes, this season of fiscal momentum for our church is unlike any year in recent history! Even in the worst of times, we are experiencing fiscal strength and excitement in ministry. We feel compelled to build on that momentum instead of waiting to see what things are like in a few months from now or sometime next year.
  • We will always see seasons of uncertainty. Life is full of many unknowns, and much is out of our control. What we do know is that when this time of uncertainty passes, another time of uncertainty will follow.
  • We stepped out in faith when we voted to move forward in February 2020. It’s time to do what we voted to do: move down the path of lower debt and more resources for ministry. God does not stop during a pandemic, and the work of God’s church should continue.

Some examples of potential ways to re-purpose mortgage into ministry include . . .

  • Increased resources for children, youth, and adult ministries
  • Greater capacity to fund mission work in our community and beyond
  • Enhanced digital ministry and virtual presence, even beyond this season of COVID-19
  • New resources and staff to expand our congregation’s community engagement ministries

Think about the people that could be reached with these funds, the ministries that could be impacted, and the lives that could be engaged for Christ. We can truly see no limit to the work that could be done through our collective generosity.

Campaign Team

Lead Pastor
Rev Mary Beth Hardesty-Crouch

Campaign Chairs
Greg & Melinda Cotton
Brock & Elizabeth Fairchild

Advance Commitments Team
Jim German
Brett & Eileen Glover
Henry & Nancy Lessner
Carole Smithwick

Affinity Groups Team
Susan Hale
James & Daisy Miller

Celebration Team
Noelle & Addie Faille
Holly Stephens
Liz Stubbs

Communication Team
Scott Gallaway
Alison Thomas

Paul White

Lead Gifts Team
Tom & Laurie Hosack
Lorna Holley

Prayer Team
Rod Morehead
Alycia Segner
Ruth Swingle

Reach Team
Rev Jessica Wright
Larry Wright

Response Team
Gene Gurley

Students & Children Team
Kelly Bernhard
April Kwan
Trish Morehead
Ed Whipple

Gratitude & Ministry Team
Rev Mary Beth Hardesty-Crouch
Scott & Dawn Horton
Rev Rusty King
Rev Jessica Wright