Legacy of Light

Legacy of Light

Legacy of Light: Renewing our Sacred Space

As sunlight gently filters through stained-glass windows illuminating our sanctuary, we’re reminded of countless prayers, celebrations, and quiet reflections. Our sanctuary stands as a testament to faith, community, and enduring spirit.


We invite you to be part of our work addressing structural issues from years of water intrusion into our sanctuary walls. This work will ensure we mitigate this challenge, preserving our space as a beacon of hope, community, inspiration, and solace.


FUMC Allen has managed finances diligently. The current project costs $271,000, depleting our reserves to half of the targeted three months. Your generosity, especially from the 2023 Bridging the Gap campaign, positions us to undertake this vital project. By contributing to “Legacy of Light,” you support our commitment to guarding FUMC Allen’s heritage of community locally and globally. Donations will replenish reserves or cover project costs.


February 21, 2024

The large TV behind the organ has been removed for work to be completed on the column. We anticipate this TV will be down for a few more weeks into March. Please arrive a little early on Sunday to determine if you will need to adjust seating for viewing over these next few weeks.

Feb 26-March 8 (estimated):Interior work – costs $49,000
  • Remove chancel flooring
  • Replace damaged wooden column
  • Repair exterior wall and roof
  • Install steel column
  • Remove scaffolding
  • Restore affected areas
Exterior work timeline (dates tbd):Set after confirming new windows
  • Replace 24 upper windows – costs $25,000
  • Roofing repairs – costs $37,000
  • Exterior Siding Repairs – costs $120,000, including stucco replacement, glulam beam repair, flashing replacement, and repainting damaged drywall.
How You Can Help
  • Donate: Visit our giving page  and select “Legacy of Light” in the drop-down menu or drop contributions in the collection box labeled “Legacy of Light.”
  • Spread the Word: Share our mission. Encourage others to join this sacred endeavor.

Thank you for your generosity and commitment to our heritage.

Sanctuary Repair Photos
March 6 2024 Update
March 12 2024 Update
March 19 2024 Update
March 26 2024 Update
April 25 2024 UPDATE
May 16 2024 Update
May 23 2024 Update