FUMC Allen has many ways for you to connect with others on your journey.  We have ministry areas for all ages and stages of life.  Visit the pages below to find opportunities to connect with others and grow your faith.

Children’s Ministry

Welcome to FIRST KIDS At FUMC Allen, our kids are on a mission to discover God’s direction for their lives and we are here, working with God’s Holy Word, to help them understand: Children’s Ministry is all about helping our children navigate the Bible and apply its teaching to their lives.  In turn, we are passionate about our Compass Kids pointing friends and family in God’s direction. Can’t you just hear a child saying, “Follow me to Christ?”  Or, can…

Youth Ministry

Our mission: To be agents of change bringing about the kingdom of God Our vision: To seek to be a community of God that loves everyone Youth Ministry at FUMC Allen brings students into a closer relationship with Jesus and one another. We guide students through this time of spiritual formation and help them adapt the teachings of Jesus so that they may develop a deeper committed relationship with Jesus. We challenge and encourage students to commit their lives to…


Confirmation refers to the decision a person makes to respond to God’s grace with intentional commitment, publicly reaffirming his or her baptismal vows before the congregation. Confirmands are youth in the sixth and seventh grade who learn about the meaning of Christian faith, the history and teachings of the United Methodist Church, and an explanation of the baptismal and membership vows they will be professing.  As part of the process, confirmands are paired with a faith partner, an adult member…

Adult Ministry

Join us as we seek, engage and encourage one another on our Christian journey.  There are many Sunday Morning Small Groups, Faith Academy Classes and Social Groups to choose from.  They are all designed to help us start or strengthen a relationship with God, grow in faith, and support one another. All of our Adult small groups at FUMC Allen have opportunities for fellowship, learning, outreach,  worship, and service. To help you find the right group and events, Adult Ministries…

Music Ministry

Music is a gift from God that we give back to God as praise. In Psalm 150, we see that all that have breath can serve God through music. Music Ministry at FUMC Allen serves God through this gift of music. We offer a variety of ensembles for all ages and abilities. To learn more about any music opportunity, contact Music Minister Mike Link.

Special Needs Ministry

All people, regardless of ability, should feel welcome at church and be able to participate in any program that interests them. Some of our members need a little extra help and attention in order to do so. What do we mean by special? Typically, special needs is a term used to describe people with challenges often associated with a disability such as but not limited to . . . Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders  Pervasive developmental delays/autism  Mood/anxiety disorders  Developmental disabilities  Physical…

Sports and Recreation

Our program centers around the philosophy that positive reinforcement and love is the keystone to player development on the court, field, track, and personal development. We have has opportunities for children, youth, and adults to participate in various sports leagues and programs within our facility as well as to field teams and groups that play with other churches in our area.