Sermons by Rev. Jessica Wright

Sermons by Rev. Jessica Wright

Revelation: What Is This?

In Breaking the Code, a six-week worship series, we’ll cover the book of Revelation from cover to cover. We invite you to read along by following the attached Revelation Reading Schedule. In the first week, we orient ourselves to the Book of Revelation: when and why and how it was written as well as the claims it makes on the lives of Christians throughout the ages. Sunday June 2Revelation: What is This?Revelation 1:1-20Rev. Jessica Wright, preaching

When Life Tests You

When life is at its hardest, it is so easy to go back to our old ways. It’s easy to go back to life before Jesus with old habits, before our baptism and not living in light of God’s love, to return to the life before a changed heart. Life can be altogether different as we follow Jesus, but life is going to test us. When it tests us we either withdraw, shut-down, stand-up. It becomes an opportunity for more…

All God Has Given Me

November 11 2018 Matthew 14: 13-21 Rev. Jessica Wright, preaching Gratitude makes us happier people, leading more fulfilled and generous lives. Gratitude is important in relationships at home, work, and church. We support that for which we are thankful. Come with us this November as we create a sense of gratitude for the church and lead us to making a financial commitment to the church for 2019.
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