Sermons on Missions

Sermons on Missions

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Having Nothing Possessing Everything WK 2

Sunday November 13 2022having Nothing, Possessing EverythingWeek Two2 Corinthians 8:9-15Rev Josh Esparza THE TABLE8:30AM GatheringSongs  House of the Lord, Desert Song, Holy SpiritChildren’s TimeScripture 2 Corinthians 8:9-15 NRSVMessage Having Nothing, Possessing Everything Week 2Gratitude MomentSong of Gratitude GratefulCommunionInvitation & BenedictionSong Everlasting GodExit   TRADITIONAL WORSHIP11:00AM Prelude Welcome Voluntary Be Thou My VisionCall to WorshipHymn To God Be The Glory (UMH 98 v 1-3)Affirmation of Faith & Gloria Patri UMH 885/UMH 70Preparation for PrayerCall to Prayer Lead Me, Lord (UMH 473)Pastoral Prayer & The Lord’s PrayerChildren’s Time Where Children Belong (TFWS 2233)Scripture 2 Corinthians 8:9-15 NRSVSermon Having…

Having Nothing Possessing Everything WK 1

SUnday November 6 2022Having Nothing, Possessing EverytingWeek oneJohn 6:1-13Rev Josh Esparza, Preaching The Table8:30am Gathering Songs  Ever Be; I Will Rise; By FaithChildren’s TimeScripture John 6:1-13 NRSVMessage Having Nothing, Possessing EverythingSong of GratitudeCommunionSong Praise the Father, Praise the SonInvitation & BenedictionSong Our God SavesExit Traditional Worship11:00am Prelude & Welcome Voluntary Let Thy Holy Presence (Cain)Call to WorshipHymn How Great Thou Art (UMH 77 v 1-4)Celebrating The SaintsPreparation for PrayerCall to Prayer Lead Me, Lord (UMH 473)Pastoral Prayer & The Lord’s PrayerChildren’s Time Where…

A Church That Thrives is a Church Committed to its Mission

Luke 4: 16-30 One of the greatest challenges for the church today is that the world in which we live is completely different than the world was 10 to 20 years ago. And the world continues to change. The road map to the future is unclear! How do we create a new path into the future? What’s essential for the Church to thrive?