Sermons on Spiritual Growth

Sermons on Spiritual Growth

Give: Where Your Treasure Is…

Sunday March 22 20209:30am Worship GatheringMJ Wright WelcomeRev Mary Beth Hardesty-Crouch Songs of PraiseResonate “Worth It All”“I Have A Hope” Song of PrayerResonate “How Great Thou Art” Pastoral Prayer & The Lord’s PrayerRev Jessica Wright Children’s TimeTrish Morehead Scripture ReadingRev Mary Beth Hardesty-Crouch Matthew 6:19-21 MessageRev Mary Beth Hardesty-Crouch “Give: Where Your Treasure Is…” Our Gifts To GodRev Mary Beth Hardesty-Crouch “I’d Rather Have You” Invitation & BenedictionRev Mary Beth Hardesty-Crouch Sending SongResonate “Everlasting God”


SCRIPTURE: 1 Corinthians 3: 1-9; Philippians 1:6 In caring for the mind, body and spirit, we grow to become who God has created us to be. We’ll discuss nurturing as a spiritual discipline and growing with others in small groups. Key Points: Trusting Christ with our lives through spiritual disciplines Christ’s dying wish for Christians to be one The commitment to small groups.


Scripture: John 1: 35-51 Inviting is a simple way to describe evangelism: intentionally sharing our faith story with others and inviting people to live out their story within the body of Christ. In this sermon, we discuss the reasons and ways to share our story as well as the reasons we invite others into the community of Christ (church). We’ll talk about the biblical reasons to share our faith, how to overcome obstacles, and the power of invitation in regards…


Scripture: Luke 9:23, Romans 12:1-2 Worship is what captivates the heart’s affection, the minds attention, and the soul’s ambition. Christian worship is the outpouring of our lives led by the Holy Spirit rooted in God’s truth, devoting all we are and all we do to God’s glory. Individual worship is about emptying ourselves and making room for Christ to reign in every aspect of our lives. Corporate worship is a “prep rally” for God. It is all about God! It…