'hope' Tagged Posts

'hope' Tagged Posts

Easter@FUMC Allen

Be transformed by hope this Easter with your friends and neighbors at First United Methodist Church of Allen. Join us for the life-altering events of Holy Week. Experience the power of that first Easter when God got the last laugh with the biggest April Fool’s joke in history: a day when people saw death conquered and resurrection bring new life. Discover how this singular event can change your world. We have services as early as 6:30am with our last celebration…

Hope for the Holidays

Struggling with hope and joy during the holiday season? Need new traditions and insights? Join counselor Jimmy Smith in the FUMC Allen parlor on November 23 at 5:00pm. He will lead you in exploring your God-given inner gifts so your holidays can be filled with possibilities of extraordinary moments. To register, contact Rev. June Franck.

Anticipating the Future

By nature, I’m an optimist. While I’m most thankful for today and God’s provision, I always believe that the best is yet to come.  I look for the places where God is at work and am reminded that God does not grow weary of extending grace, sparking love in human relationships, and seeking to bring about reconciliation with God and neighbor. God knows there is much to be done to bring about the kingdom. We are facing very tenuous times,…