'Life' Tagged Posts

'Life' Tagged Posts

Worship Series: Reel Faith

Everyone loves a good story, and movies are powerful at telling stories.  Our August worship series, Reel Faith, looks at some of the most recent films that can point us to truths found in scripture. Join us in August as Senior Pastor Rev. Mary Beth Hardesty-Crouch puts us in touch with the profound aspects of life and of faith presented in some of the most popular films of today.   August 4 Star Wars: The Last Jedi Luke 4: 16-21…

Worship Series: Abundant Life

Abundant Life Jesus promises abundant life, but what does that look like? It’s much more than wealth, power or prosperity. It’s all about relationships. Sunday July 14 John 4:5-15 Rev. Mary Beth Hardesty-Crouch preaching Sunday July 21 1 Cor 12:12-20, 27 Rev. Mary Beth Hardesty-Crouch preaching Sunday July 28 Luke 10:25-37 Rev. Mary Beth Hardesty-Crouch preaching    

Sermon Series: Braced for IMPACT

I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection…(Philippians 3:10) Does the resurrection change how we live? Does it redirect our lives and refocus our attention? Does the resurrection provide a new lens through which to see and experience life? Braced for IMPACT is a series that looks closely at the impact of the resurrection on the world and in the lives of the disciples and the Church that was born. This series will prepare us for being…