Who We Are

Who We Are

Read more about our humble beginnings in 1881.

We are so glad to welcome you to our site. By exploring each page, we hope you’ll learn a little more about us as a United Methodist congregation.

FUMC Allen is grateful to be part of the United Methodist denomination that has a rich history and deep desire to help transform the world for a better future. United Methodists are a melting pot of all kinds of people. We are a welcoming church that believes all people are Children of God and of sacred worth.

We strive to live out the Bible and its core beliefs to the best of our ability. It is our sincere hope that we always err on the side of grace and any time we sound judgmental we pray God’s forgiveness.

Learn more about the stained glass windows in our sanctuary.

United Methodists have core beliefs even though we do not make anyone sign a doctrinal covenant. We invite you to bring your questions and concerns, and we hope that humility and love will prevail should we ever disagree.

If you want to know more about what United Methodists specifically believe visit THIS LINK.

Here we share FUMC Allen’s purpose, our values, and our goals as a Christian family working in God’s kingdom. If you have any questions about FUMC Allen, please contact us. You can call us at 972.727.8261 or email us.

Our Vision
Read more about our prayer labyrinth.

First United Methodist Church of Allen is  a church that embraces all generations to join us on a life-changing Christian journey to change the world.

Key Strategic Stepping Stones

In order to move toward this vision, First United Methodist Church of Allen shall unite our efforts in the following key strategic stepping stones:

Create a Change the World culture – Strengthen a CTW culture in our church and community by fortifying our current missional efforts as we become Christ’s hands and feet in the world.
Nurture significant relational ministries – Develop and nurture significant relational ministries whereby people are connected with Christ and neighbor in a life-giving way.
Experience dynamic worship – Provide and resource inspirational and compelling worship experiences that engage all persons to live passionately for Christ.
Engage future generations – Actively nurture God’s children through ministries designed to develop them to be future leaders of the Church.
Promote intentional hospitality – Connect with our neighbors through Christian hospitality to forge life-changing relationships to change the world.
Modernize our facility – Create an even more sacred and inviting space for worship, relationships, and faith building for the coming generation.